The “Ultralon” brand started back in the 70’s as a manufacture of high quality EVA foams in a variety of densities and colours, primarily for the footware and orthotics industries.  The business has expanded over the years and added a large spectrum of foams for a variety of industries that are featured in this website. Ultralon is now a leading supplier of high quality cross linked PE and EVA foams into the Sporting, Industrial, Marine and Orthotics markets. Originally based in Christchurch, New Zealand, the company now has manufacturing capability in Australia, New Zealand and Asia as well as a growing global network of sales outlets and distributors in the USA, Asia, APAC and Europe.

Ultralon has been a world leader and developed its own foam formulations with impact absorbing foam such as Ultrastop, high-action performing foams Flexalon and Performance foam and Thermoforming PE and EVA foams.

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